hi i am havin a problem wid my windows xp pro
every time i do a format i have 2 put all of my drivers bk on and when i put my anti-virus on my com askes 2 restart

then it goes mad it gets to the loading screen of xp pro and goes 2 load the welcome screen and restarts on me i have bin tryin 2 fix it 4 3 weeks now :mad:

Plz help it is really annoying

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First of all let me say that you will get a much better response from people if you dont use the bubble-gummer shorthand...

It may be 2 Kool when chatting with friends but it isnt when you are trying to explain your problem and asking strangers for assistance.

Are you doing a full format?

After installing drivers and anti-virus it goes into a loop?

Are the drivers and AV on CD or on a drive that is not being formatted ?

Only possibility I see is a virus mixed in with your drivers and Anti-virus
If your drivers are on original CD's then they should be fine.

Have you considered there may be CMOS anti-virus protection turned on that is causing this problem

I am changing to Linux-Mepis for my main OS so I may not be around as often as I was when I ran Windows.

hi yes all of my drivers are off orginal discs and no there is no cmos protection because i have checked that adn i am doing a full format

Try not putting you antivirus progam on right away, and load some other software ,and see what happens ,use it off line for a few days to see how it acts ,if ok install the antivirus program and see what happens .
What antivirus program are you trying to use .

I think I remember encountering the same problem a while back. I installed windows xp, installed an antivirus and then while installing i was hooked up to the internet. I discovered that there was a virus infecting my computer even before I get to install and update the anti-virus and windows. What I did was download the anti-virus update, unhook my computer to the internet, install windows, install the antivirus, manually update the antivirus software using the downloaded updater then got back online to update my windows. didn't have any problem since then... but the darn thing took me up to three re-installs of windows XP.

Is your copy of Windows XP an original release version, without Service packs of any sort integrated into it?

Most problems like this can be avaoided by integrating a Service pack into the initial installation, because the viruses which cause such behaviour are predominately ones which 'fixes' were included for in Service Pack 1.

Using a different, working system, download and save to CD the full installation of Windows XP Service Pack 2.

Then create a slipstreamed Windows XP Service Pack 2 CD, use it to install your system with, and I'm sure it will work fine :)

I'll try that slipstreaming thing you suggested... my win xp cd is the original copy and doesn't have the service pack 2 integrated with it yet...

I've Done it with winxp pro and sp2 it workes great .

I'm still downloading the SP2.. I'll try it as soon as i'm done with this stupid thing at work and it finishes downloading.

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