I received a Sony USM256EV/V Micro Vault Storage Device 256MB today and have hit a brick wall.


It does get recognized on Windows XP but the package did not come with a CD or floppy containing any drivers. On the manual, it is said that it should auto install the drivers for first time users. There is only a recommended site, which leads to Sony, to download drivers for Windows 98 only.

After reading the manual, it said Windows XP should automatically look for the suitable drivers but I have tried and Windows XP cannot install this hardware.

Any help please? I do not want a brand new USB Stick to cause trouble as my other one has already been destroyed... :lol:

Thanks a bunch


You were talking of windows automatically recognizing it, but have you tried the hardware wizard? Control Panel --> Add Hardware. Give that a try, and let us know of your progress.

Yes, I just tried it and it led me back where I was before which is where Windows XP searches for the driver etc.

Ok, I've just contacted Sony and they recommended I tried using it on another computer, which I did and was successful. Now, I'm on the hunt of what do I need for either Windows XP Pro or my Intel D865PERL Motherboard to allow this USB Storage Device work. I've already tried downloading USBSTOR.SYS and put it into Windows which didn't help. I've been to Intel to download some drivers but still unsuccessful. Could anyone please point me in the correct direction?

Many Thanks

this is what i would if it were my computer .you will need to reinstall other usb devices after doing this ,also it may not help .its just what i would do as a troubleshoot!!
I would go to device manager and remove all usb hubs listed in usb controler devices .reboot windows .then try the device again ,also have you tried it in all your usb slots !

Well I have nothing to lose anyways :P Yes, I have tried on other ports on the computer. Still the same results.

Just making sure...we 'uninstall' all 'USB Root Hub' ?