I've been editing large WAV files for a cd I'm remixing. Everytime I save the .wav file after making an adjustment, I lose hard space on my drive. If the .wav file is 85 megs, you would think that 85 megs would just stay after you save over the edited wav file.

Not so. Everytime I save, I lose another 85 megs, but I'm not creating a new file. I've gone from 10 gigs free space since starting this process to 787 mb free space available. I'm not doing file -> save as to a new directory everytime I save, I'm rewriting existing files. How could this be happening?

also, I tried defragging, but since I don't have 15% memory available, I can't complete the process.

Okay. What editing prograsm are you using? I'm betting that its settings are configured to not overwrite files, and possibly to incrementally add a number to the filename. Another possibility is that is storing backup copies.

Click Start -> Search. Choose files and folders.
Onstead of entering a filename, click on the arrow beside 'What size is it'and tick 'specify size.

Set it to be 'at least' and '84,000Kb'.

That'll find every file 84Mb and more on your drive. Check through the files and determine where all those copies are going.

I'll bet it's yopur editing program. We'd like to know what it is, because the answer to your problem will almost certainly be in the program settings.

I'm using Nero Wave editor

I've searched for the file sizes, and they do not come up

Could this be temporary files the program is creating?

If so how can I delete them?


I'd strongly suspect Nero stuff creates temp files. Search for the filesize, as I suggested above.


You might also try viewing with the hidden files revealed. Do not do this lightly though.


I found the temp folder, deleted all the files, and got my HD space back. Thanks for the tips

Now I can mark this thread as solved ?

Not until we work out how to stop it happening again is my suggestion. Deleting the files is only a temporary fix. I'll post suggestions in a day or so, but I've a wedding to attend to firt :)

I'll post suggestions in a day or so, but I've a wedding to attend to firt :)

Who's Firt getting married to! Wish them the best!



My son's wedding :)

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