I am trying to configure a workstation on my network at home. It is a windows 200 pro PC. But when i go into network places there is no network connection being shown. I have removed a reinstalled network card, changed network card into diffewrent slot, but still nothing i have even downloaded motherboard chipset updates and service packs. But no....

The only thing that looks weird is an error in device manager over PCi Simple communication controller.

Any ideas anyone.

Your help - would be much appreciated.

Right click that device manager entry and choose 'Uninstall'

Reboot and let your system reinstall the card. Provide drivers if necessary

Set up your network connection again.

I boughout internal fax modem 56k v.92,but i has no installation software,please, send to me,i will download through internet,manufacturer realtek.

another problem when looking into device manager,pci simple communications controller show yellow question mark,please help me to solve the problem!

Download the drivers off of the manufacturers website

A "PCI controller" is usually a telephone modem, and I assume you want an ethernet connection.
Is there a network adapter in Device Manager?
If not, buy a new NIC.