My computer was infected a few days ago and shortly after the necessary anti-virus scans, I started to receive numerous pop up display boxes regarding "..MS Frontpage needs to be re-install..please insert cd.." Well, I bought the pc from someone else, so I obviously don't have a cd rom and I never had to use FrontPage for anything so I want to know how to reduce, possibly eliminate, the annoying display boxes. Also, they tend to pop up more when I open a new internet browser so I don't know if it's a symptom of another lingering virus??

what anti virus scans you have used? try downloading malware bytes and scan your system... :)

Yes, I have McAfee and Malware Bytes. The annoying popups and errors occurred after the scans which led me to believe that maybe something related to ms frontpage was removed along with the viruses, trojans, etc. However, in the past couple of days, Malware Bytes and Mcafee both have detected at least 1 infection (different infections per scanner) per day and it is unrelated to ms frontpage. Dunno wat else to do but weigh it out.

did you try reinstalling ms frontpage , doing a ms office repair install

I don't have a ms cd-rom where i can re-install the program. i think if it gets to be too annoying, i will have to purchase a used windows xp pro ms program cd-rom to eliminate the problem. this never happend to me b4 til after a major antivirus pro 2010 virus infected my computer. Malware and Mcafee overall took care of the infections, but then another problem that followed is the ms front page error pop ups.

try a hard drive and registry cleanup with
might help

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