Hello everyone!! I have come to this community as a desperate seeker!! My IT knowledge would be considered minimal, but I get by in most instances with a search and give it a try attitude.

Right now I'm having a problem with Outlook hanging up and I can't seem to get it working again. I've tried Outlook Repair -- that didn't work so I then uninstalled Outlook and reinstalled -- that didn't work.

I am using Office 2003 on Windows XP. I keep getting the error message Outlook.exe application hang (101) 1002 -- version 11.0.8217.0 hang address 0x00000000 -- Microsoft Fault bucket 827627218. I have downloaded all the recent Microsoft updates and Outlook 2003 updates -- still no go. Also, my printer doesn't seem to be working now and I'm wondering if that is connected to the Outlook problem??

If this isn't the right forum, then could someone please direct me to the right one? Thanks!

Hey Linda,
Don't doubt a bit! This indeed a very good forum. I am referring this forum from a long time and now I am also a member of it. Ask your questions, you will surely get all answers.