You know how large manufacturers like hp and toshiba, as well as others have a fast and simple recovery partition built in, that can reinstall windows and drivers, as well as built in software in 20 minutes or less? How can i do that on a build your own pc, that is not manufactured by a company? Does it need any extra software, and if so, which ones? This will be a great help, because reinstalling windows takes a while, and uploading drivers is a heck of a pain!! Examples of manufactured recovery software include recovery partitions from hp like recovery manager, etc. That is what i am looking for. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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You can create an image of your entire system with vista's Backup and Restore Center, which you can save to a hard drive or burn to one or more dvds.

There are also 3rd party solutions like Norton Ghost or Acronis True Image.


Oops ! My bad, Backup Entire System feature is NOT available in Vista Home Basic or Home Premium editions.

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