Hi, here is my problem. My kid loaded a program which also installed QuickTime and Quickviewer. Quick Viewer made itself the default viewer for all my photos. I was able to remove QuickTime and Quickviewer, removed all registry traces left with regcleaner and restored the file association with my photo editing software. My thumbnail ability to view these files is now gone.

OS is WinMe, photo editing sw is arcsoft, the thumb view works in the arcsoft but not when I veiw the photofiles directly on my hd (it did prior to the loading of QuickTime), would appreciate any comments.


Hmm, I don't even have a copy of ME around ANYWHERE to even do a test for you.

Overall its time to upgrade to at least windows 2000 or even xp home or pro because of the huge ammount of bugs in ME's program as a whole.

I think your file assiscations are off still.

My Computer > Toools > Properties > File Types >

I'm not sure what they (the images) should be assioated with by default.

However make sure that they are not still being assicated with Quicktime at the least.

Hello - I had exactly the same problem today and it was solved with a brilliant free downloadable fix, there is nothing nasty attached to it (coz I was worried) - I had to reply to your message because I was looking for a simple fix that didn't mean tampering with the registry editor and making any potential critical mistakes.
Anyway I saved it to my desktop, when I opened it, it had done the fix. So I saved it somewhere safe in case I ever need it again.
I scanned my pc to make sure there were no nasties, and it's as clean as a whistle.
here it is:
Good luck!
Lesley in the UK :cheesy: