For quite some time, I have been unable to get streaming videos to play properly. This occurs with Youtube, Hulu, and related sites. I hear the audio fine, but what I see is basically a slide show of images. I've done speed tests on my computer (using as well as troubleshoot other areas. I have a high-speed connection through Time-Warner cable. Somoe of the lower-quality videos on Youtube play okay, but higher-quality videos on TV network sites like NBC, CBS, or ABC won't play at all.

A friend of mine says I need a new computer (mine is about 7 years old), but I contend it's a bandwidth issue. Any way to fix this annoying problem? Thanks.

HP Pavilion a300n
Windows XP
2.6 GHz
720 ram

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Have you tried another browser like netscape or firefox?


Well lets start with the version of XP you are using and your browser version. Are you running XP SP2 SP3 etc....What browser and version?

Is your Flash Player and Java up to date?

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