undefinedWhenever I disconnect from the dial-up service. It brings up it the blue screen, it sometimes it disconnects by itself, although i think dial-up does that.

The details are the following:

An exception OE has accurred at 0028:C86CO233 in VxD ---. This was called from 0028:C84C5AD0 in VxD. It may be possible.....

This is what it does when i click "disconnect"

I suspect you may have an infected PC. Some form of virus or other malware could be trying to take charge of your internet connection or even your phone service.

Try the advice in the "Helping Yourself......." topic in the Security forum section to see if you can get your system clean of such problems.

Hey I installed all of the Antiviruses programs there was. It still does it.

I installed Adware, Stinger,a Firewall, and Spybotundefined

Try Trojan Remover, which is mentioned a few posts further into the 'Sticky'. If you have a dialler or some other 'nasty' which is trying to take over your connection, that one is the most likely tool to deal with it ;)