I have not set up a server for a long time so I am rusty big time. I just setup a new Server 2003 and I am trying to join the domain from a client pc and it cant find the domain. I can ping the client from the server but cant ping the server from the client.

server IP:
DNS: set to isp ip's

client all the same but i.p. is .8

It's weird when I reboot the server and client, I can ping the server from the client by either i.p. or hostname briefly then a couple minutes later it times out?

Any suggestions?


Problem solved.

Problem solved.

Please post the solution for others.

For others that have this problem...... If you are using your ISP's DNS and your DC is not registered with your ISP, then the member you are trying to connect will be unable to resolve the domain name. An easy fix is to add your DC as your primary DNS server.


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