i got the blue screen, i dont have a start up dics. as soon as it starts up it gose the bluc screen, if i go to safe mode and go thru all options it still gose back to blue screen, even after restart? any help???

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Tried "last known working configuration?

Tried "last known working configuration?

yes and that didnt work

any help

Chuckwiser here, sorry, have been out of town w/ family. Tried booting up in safe mode, go to "all programs-accessories-command prompt" At the start of this screen, should see black box with something like this
C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator, or instead of admin-user name.

type in "chkdsk /p /r" then hit the Enter button, should then run checkdisk from that prompt manually, unless drive is "locked by system resources" will prompt Y/N as to perform @ next boot.

"chkdsk" is check disk, that will run , just as a "status check" of the hard drive.

The parameter "/p" forces the disk to check anyway.

The parameter "/r" recovers any readable information on the HD and relocates it to a different location, then "marks" that spot as bad, then won't store anymore information in that location.

chuckangelier@hotmail.com with the results will give you more help if I can on this end! Will be home all this weekend.
Good Luck, Chuckwiser out

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