i got the blue screen, i dont have a start up dics. as soon as it starts up it gose the bluc screen, if i go to safe mode and go thru all options it still gose back to blue screen, even after restart? any help???

Tried "last known working configuration?

Tried "last known working configuration?

yes and that didnt work

any help

Chuckwiser here, sorry, have been out of town w/ family. Tried booting up in safe mode, go to "all programs-accessories-command prompt" At the start of this screen, should see black box with something like this
C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator, or instead of admin-user name.

type in "chkdsk /p /r" then hit the Enter button, should then run checkdisk from that prompt manually, unless drive is "locked by system resources" will prompt Y/N as to perform @ next boot.

"chkdsk" is check disk, that will run , just as a "status check" of the hard drive.

The parameter "/p" forces the disk to check anyway.

The parameter "/r" recovers any readable information on the HD and relocates it to a different location, then "marks" that spot as bad, then won't store anymore information in that location.

chuckangelier@hotmail.com with the results will give you more help if I can on this end! Will be home all this weekend.
Good Luck, Chuckwiser out

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