I have been tasked to install a simple piece of client software on all PCs on my site. Because this can be installed without admin rights, and that it requires not user interaction, I was hoping to use a login script for the purpose.

This is not a problem, as I should be able to manage this, but what I wanted to avoid was constant reinstallation, as I didn't design this software, I don't have a clue how it works, and I thought that an overwrite may cause problems with its operation.

Because it is an unattended setup, and that the installation folder is always the same, (lets say c:\data), would it be possible to script the batch file to check for this folder, and if it already exists does not overwrite the existing files.

I really don't know where to begin, or even how to google for this, so I would really appreciate your assistance in saving me much time and effort.

Kind Regards

Here's a sample .BAT that should help you out:

ECHO Starting the install

REM ...
REM Here is where you put in all the commands to install to program
REM ...


Reply back if you have questions/problems.


commented: Just going through some old stuff, thanks for you help on this, MMF +1

Hey, great thanks, was thinking it wasn't possible. Will carry out tests tomorrow, will keep this thread posted.

Thanks, MMF :)