I am having problems with Windows Update on my PC, it is since we had a new stick of RAM installed or seems to be, we re-connected the system only to find all sorts of things not working properly to the point where when we re-booted it CHKDSK appeared and wiped out loads of stuff!! It mostly said it was removing xp security errors. After it had finished we had no taskbar or start menu, nothing would work!
Re-installed Windows from the disc that we originally installed it from which includes SP2, followed the on-screen prompts all the way through.
After that I went to windows update website to update it since the re-install since the disc was 2002 and wasn't sure what the CHKDSK had actually deleted. It found up to 89 updates and said they were ready to install, nearly all xp security updates, some critical. When we try to install them it says it is installing then says it cannot install any of them.
Looked up the error codes/reason it gave and it says the updates are older than the service pack we have installed??!! Tried deleting them and they just download right back in again.
Ignoring the update shield now as it never installs them.
No idea what to do, tried everything, even the local tech guy has no idea!!
Will we have to reformat the hard drive and start from scratch?? Hope not!! :(

Service Pack 3 has been finally released to manufacturing and should be available to download soon via ms update. It will include all the patches since sp2 and more. If you can wait it out that's what i would do. If you want sp3 now you can get it at http://www.majorgeeks.com/.
It's a trust worthy site. I use it frequently. Updating my other pc as I write this in fact.