i need some help from these forum and my requirement is if we press ctrl+Alt+Del in keyboard or lock the system with either keyboard or mouse some events are generating can any one give me the event id and where it getting stored..and for unlock what is the event can any help me regarding this issue....

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Do you mean if you lock the PC, its still being used in the background whilst its locked?

If so, that's normal as the computer is still running. You would be better putting it into sleep mode or into hibernation.

To view the computer events, Press Start > Right Click My Computer or Computer (for Vista) and select Manage. Click Event Viewer and look through the logs.


my full requirement is i need to monitor employee who are logged on my win server2003
as user logon and log off detail i want to get and i store in sql server 2000 for these we used log parser to find also we get the solution.MY REQUIREMENT IS if user logged on and if he gone for break n system automatically get locked or he him self making lock by pressing ctrl+alt+del ,and certain period of time he again making the system unlock i need to get events when he lock and unlock from these i need to find duration and finally i need to calculate user idle time... my user are connected in LAN connection..

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