My kiddos Dell desktop froze and I restarted it. It never came up again. 4 days later I try again and it loads the desktop but is frozen. I don't know what to do............any ideas???? :?:

Is the inside clean, maybe things are heating up. Rip that bad boy open and clean it up!.

If you clean out w/ compressed air, but still have problem, maybe put some thermal grease one the processor.

If you do have thermal grease on the chip then you can use a few ways to get it off. First off you can use rubbing Alcohol, or you can use finger nail polish remover that does a good job. Then you should be set to go, but hey while your down there use the compressed air!, later man. Good luck.

Rather than just tear into it I would go into cmos and check on the temp of the CPU..

Try F8 and go into Windows safe mode

I would boot to a DOS disc.... Try that and see if it works..

Boot to a Linux Live CD or a 98 CD....

Anything to help further define the problem... Hardware vs software...