First off, I tried to hook up my old harddrive to one of my newer computers, without setting it as secondary with that little pin on back. Anyway, I get that hooked in and on my screen it says Input signal out of range. Doesn't start up or anything. I turn on the computer, it makes a few clicks, and it stays on that screen. So then I take out the old harddrive and hook all the wires I unhooked from the dvd burner. Then, I turn it on and get the same message: 27.8kHz V: 62.0 Hz input signal out of range. Remember, this isn't like the other ocassions, when I turn on the computer I get no loading or anything, just that message. And so I turn it on 2 more times and it finally loads, but the video is all messed up, so I turn it off and turn it back on, and the video is fine. So then I tried to hook up the old HD again and got the same message, and then when I took it out, the same message remained to this very day. This was a few weeks ago. I don't want any suggestions that say start it up in safe mode because nothing is loading at all. The keyboard and mouse don't even turn on when i turn on the computer. Something else I was wondering about, do I hook the computers harddrive (not the old HD) to the power supply with the insert with 2 wires of each color, or just 1 wire of each. So do I connect it to the one with 8 wires or the one with 4 wires, and how can I get my computer to start up, instead of having the screen say "27.8kHz V: 62.0hz Input signal out of range"

So do I connect it to the one with 8 wires or the one with 4 wires,

Doesn't matter.

For your other problem:

Old harddrive

How old? What kind of Mobo? Did you try hooking up a 'newer' harddrive?

Regards Niek

Old 6gig harddrive I don't know what kind or anything.