Greetings all, having this problem with a clients tape drive, I am suspecting that the drive is in fact shot and unusable, as I am receiving the same error message with 2 different tapes. But to be honest, i just dont know enough about tape backup, and Im sure using Windows built in software isnt the best (Tried Veritas Backup Exec but just couldn't get things running perfectly)

Could anyone tell me the possible causes for the error message I am receiving? See Attached. Again I am receiving it when trying to read 2 different tapes. Thanks!

Can we have the exact make and model of the tape drive please?

Can we have the exact make and model of the tape drive please?

Well, unfortunately I am not onsite, but the label of the tape reads "HP Colorado 5GB" That's all the information that I have until I make a trip back. Thanks for responding, I will obtain this information (should have had it already but thought that the error message had enough info) asap.

OK- until them, here are some general suggestions:

- Your error could be an indication that the tape drive is faulty, or is at least in need of some maintenance. All tape devices (data, audio, video) suffer from mechanical wear-and-tear as well as a gradual build-up of dust, dirt, tape particles, etc. on the heads, rollers, and guides. Sometimes a good cleaning of the tape path with anhydrous alcohol and a lint-free cloth does the trick.

- If the drive has a utility for re-tensioning tapes, try that as well.

- Check your cables, termination (if the drive is a SCSI device), jumper settings, etc. Make sure everything is correctly and firmly connected.