Are there any advantages in using Firefox over Internet Explorer? If I download Firefox, is there any reason I should uninstall the Internet Explorer?

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You get tabbed browsing with Firefox, and once you've used that you'll not want to go back. You get less spyware and 'nasties' when you use Firefox, and that's a big bonus.

There's no need to uninstall Internet Explorer. Simply install Firefox and when prompted choose to set it as your 'Default' browser.

Lengthy discussion and instructions here:



I downloaded the Firefox, and I like it. The only thing that I miss is the Google toolbar That I had with the Explorer. Thanks.


how do I re-set the default browser to Firefox after it's been installed?

Go to the Control Pannel, and open up Folder Options. Cick on the File Types tab, and scroll down to HTM and HTML files. You should be able to see what it opens with currently, so click on the change button and select Firefox. All url's should open with Firefox after you apply the settings.

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