I recently loaded Norton SystemWorks 2004 on to my XP Home platform. Norton GoBack is a separate installation on the same CD. I'm having trouble loading this program and receive the following error message during the process.

Error copying the file "help\SymHelp.chm to C:\Program Files\Common FIles\Symantec Shared\Help\Sym Help"

I disabled the auto anti virus as suggested by the Norton manual. Otherwise the Norton website was of no help.

Any suggestions?

Thanks for the tip on Service Pack 2 but no, I'm still on Service Pack 1. Any suggestions on how to e-mail Symantec in order to pose this question? I can't find a way to e-mail them through their website and I don't feel like paying for tech service when it is only a loading problem.

This may help, it says free online support:

I went to this link but it is automated help. It only scans programs already loaded and offers suggestions. I'm having trouble loading the "GoBack" program. Nothing is covered in the FAQ's or posted bulletins. I'm looking to somehow e-mail their tech support with this specific question and not be charged for it since I'm not sure if the problem is in their software or a conflict issue on my computer. I hate to pay for help on a program that I can't even load.

Any other suggestions?

Crikey Shirl! Why even load it?

Windows XP's 'System Restore' function does the job of rolling your system back to a previous state, and does it well. I've even restored a system from a DirectX9 install to a DirectX8 install using just System Restore, and it handled the job perfectly.

But in regard to your specific question, no, there is definitely no email support contact available. Issues which are not resolved via the online support are a 'pay per incident' matter.

(I've just found one more reason to NEVER want a Norton product anywhere NEAR one of my systems!)

I am currently running Win98 SE. I loaded Norton Ghost and when the system boots up, it freezes at the Win 98 screen with a series of short, fast beeps. I was able to boot up by disabling the program, but that's really not the solution.
The norton website is no help for this problem. All their automated support says is to disable the program.
Any thoughts?

Your Remote Technical Support Assistant

open the common directory you need the file copied to, chack if the file being copied is already listed, if it is rename it( change the extention of the file name. Them check on the nrton cd for the same file, copy to the directy, after you copy it find the file right click and choose properties, check to make it read only. then try running the the installation again.

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