Hi, I have a huge problem in when working in Word 2003.

Let's say I open a new document and type these 3 lines:

My name is Tony
I am 25 years old
My car is black

Then I select the line "I am 25 years old" and want to make it bold. Well all my text will become bold.

This is for a 3 lines text is not a big problem to rectify, but with a 20+ pages documents it does that everytime I want to make text centered, bold, underlined.. etc etc.

Why does it change all the text and not only what I selected?

Thanks for helping.

I'm experiencing the same problem in Word 2003. Did you learn how to resolve it?


It might be corrupted but I'm not positive but it never hurts to do this: go to search search for "win.doc" find the rename it "win.old" exclude all qutations. Once the "win.doc" is change a brand spanking new one will make its self up with out the corruptions.

Thank you so much for your thoughtful and informed response. This glitch has been driving me nutty. What a nice surprise to find a solution so unexpectedly today!