Following up on something I saw on this forum, I rightclicked on the Taskbar then on Toolbars, and found all the options were greyed out. I don't know when it could have got like this, I haven't accessed this for a long long time. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

W98 4.10.1998 (all updates current)
Tiny PC
266MHz Pentium II
Zone Alarm
spybot,spyware blaster,adaware,hijack this
Recently downloaded a supposed update for my graphics (ATI Rage Pro Turbo) but reverted back to existing driver as it turned out to be better.

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This might be the problem. There is no IE4 tab in my TweakUI!

This might be the problem. There is no IE4 tab in my TweakUI!

you are still using IE4,.
Have you tried Firefox ,you'll like it .link in my signature .

Tried firefox. It's OK but I prefer IE6. (don't ask why!) All I want is to get this this missing IE4 Taskbar/Toolbar problem fixed.

The problem is in your registry...
Go to "start","run" and type in "regedit"


all of the setting in here should be zeroes (000)
if there's a 1(0001), change it to zero (double-click on it)

should be all fixed :cool:

By the way..
Some of these sights really discourage a fella from helping out.
I had to register to this page, and then get an E-mail and confirm it just to post this reply.
Now I will probably get messages from this sight.
It discourages people from posting a solution

Does that make sense?

Thanks for the info guys. And yes davidimm, I know what you mean about the hassle. Try the AVG user forum and see how straightforward a forum can be.

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