I have a COMPAQ Presario v6700 laptop with Core2Due processor 1.8GHz, 2GB RAM, and Windows Vista Ultimate SP1.

My problem is all the time I see the processor cycles gage is full for nothing, I tried to look for any frenzy process that eats all processor

clock cycles like this, but I failed or by other means I couldn't reach it.

Could you tell if there's any workaround or solution to figure this out.

Thanks, Any help appreciated

My regards

Vista is a memory hog. Maybe you could format and load up XP as the prcessor is only 1.8ghz and Vista requires at least 2.6ghz.

Vista requires at least 2.6ghz.

@Jupiter 2
That's not true, Windows Home Basic only requires an 800MHz processor, where-as all other versions of Vista only require a 1GHz processor. These are minimum requirements.

You might want to look in to cutting down on your "Start Up" programs in "msconfig" and here is a tool that will remove those disabled "Start Up" leftovers; http://www.daniweb.com/forums/thread225605.html

Here is another little tool to help control your running processes;

And for services, try this site;

Adamsappleone - How many people run their computer on minimum system requirements? None (possibly except this Poster).

Minimum system requirements allows you to load your software but there is not a lot of oomph! Sure you can get to desktop and possibly type a letter in Notepad but WTF?

My main argument was that Vista is a memory hog, not that his system was unable to cope, which it isn't.

MxDev - You are better to rollback to XP to re install XPon NTFS. You are probably running Vista in 32-bit mode which also will slow everything down to a crawl. Is there any real reason as to why you would want to have Vista? If you have Vista on 64-bit OS, you cannot run 32-bit software.