Hi there, really hope i have picked the right 'room' to write this post on. ( new to this).

Ok, so i was thinking i was being clever, and silly me have uninstalled ( i think) something that has now stopped me from hearing any sound from my computer... now i have to copy music etc onto cd.

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling media player, but to no avail.

Unfortunately i cannot say what i have done to my poor comp, as i have no idea.

also... why do i get directed to msn member services, when using messinger.. and cannot find acess to ''my space'' ( the new feature)

HOPE I AM OK BY ASKING AND POSTING HERE,,, sure this is so simple, but i just cant figure it out.

any ideas would be appreciated. thankyou.

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Sounds like you would benefit from re-installing the sound drivers for your system. Do you have the CD's that came with your computer?


yes,that sounds like a solution. I do not have the cds anymore... would i go onto the microsoft website ... ? im sorry i do not know what to do.thanks v. much :-)


Does your machine have a sound card or onboard sound? Find out what kind of sound card or motherboard your machine has, go onto the sound card/mb manufacturer's website, search for the model of card/mb, and download drivers for it. Let me know if that works or if you need more assistance.

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