Hi Guys, sorry my first post is a question but I need your help.
I went to install a USB printer for my niece that she got for Christmas , but found that although there are USB ports, she only has win98 ( not SE ) and therefore no USB support.
Is there any updates for version 1 of win98 to support USB ?
It is an older machine and not worth a 98SE upgrade IMO.
Thanks, Rick.

There should be USB support in Windows 98.
Windows 98 original is the version that brought AGP, USB and FAT32 to users


Win98 should support usb ,support for usb started with win95B, it wasen't loaded default ,but the drivers are on the win95 cd.
Have you check the Device manager to make sure thatthe usb drivers are loaded,look for any yellow ! if they are there with problems ,uninstall them and reboot windows it should reload the drivers .

Thanks for your help Guys, I checked device manager at the start and there was a "USB controllers" on a line underneath "system devices" , but now it's gone! Apparently the computer has been starting in safe mode intermittently too, so I don't know. (She was given the computer about a month ago from a friend)
I might have to get one of my more techie friends to have a look.
thanks, Rick.

May be a late reply - but have you looked in the BIOS to see if USB is enabled?