I am trying to sort out an issue with a 4 year old Toshiba satellite pro laptop with XP. I have the latest BT broadband and I have my other Sony laptop with vista connected with lightning fast page load speeds and download speeds. I open IE on the Toshiba and it takes maybe a minute to load a page, then it crashes if you write any more than a letter at a time in a search bar. to try and solve this I wanted to download google chrome, after an agonising 10 minutes I got to the download page and started the download but it came up with an error message saying cannot download chromesetup.exe cannot find webpage etc... FRUSTRATION!!! so I cannot see if it is a IE problem on the Toshiba or not because I cannot download another browser, I also tried firefox with the same results. Outlook is slow to load but fast to get emails, but when you click on an email to try and open the message it takes minutes to get a view of the message, the whole rest of the program crashes also. recently (last 10 minutes) stuff has started to stop working e.g. my documents was fine this morning and is now slow, laggy and the mouse is jittery, also I tried to create a new user account to see if it made any differnce and got nowhere the new user account window crashed.
I would be grateful for any help people can offer. thanks, Henry

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You have been hit with spyware.

Chances are toolbars and BHO's are causing the slow down in your browser.

Post a hijackthis log.

what logfile am i looking for I have found a list of application, internet explorer, security and system logs

If you have trouble getting it to work, try starting in safe mode. If you still can not get it to work, use the other machine and go to ..
Make a CD and use that to boot your machine and check for viruses with that.....

something tell me this thread should be move to the virus forum if we are to be following forum rules about hijack logs

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