I recently discovered a few small changes to my systen:
explorer: tools -> options was missing. re-enabled through a registry edit
taskmgr: file -> new task (run...) is still missing. Cannot find how to re enable.

ive donea bit of reading, and Trend Micro ( here: http://www.trendmicro.com/vinfo/virusencyclo/default5.asp?VName=WORM%5FYAHLOVER%2EAL&VSect=Sn) shows what i suspect to be a form of the virus ive got. however i can still run regedit through command line. *** also, run has dissapeared from start menun withought me touchign anything, so i suspect it may hav esomethign to do with the virus.

IVe full scanned with norton, latest virus definitions etc, and it doesnt find anything. Can anyoen recomend how I can figure out if it is this virus, and how i can get rid of it completely?


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Ive downloaded the program as instructd, hwoever i not a trend micro user, and their online scan thign didnt work just hung at reading browser setup etc.

Ill try those scannes now thanks


ok, couldnt get the online scan working - im not using a remotely recent version of IE ( and i hate teh damn thign as well all hail FF)

downloaded the spyware program, ran it, it scanned removed and thenrestarted my cmputer.. howevebr the issue is still there:

Does anyone know why the new task might be missing... and if not through a virus, can it be repared/restored through a registry entry?



Norton is notoriously crappy in detection, You've ran superantispyware, (which I heard was good but I've never used it.. I've only used Lavasoft Ad-Aware + my AV) which detected and deleted but you still have the same problem.

1. It might be a rootkit like brundle said.. I use Sophos anti-rootkit detector, it scans deep and find almost any hidden thing. http://www.sophos.com/products/free-tools/sophos-anti-rootkit.html

2. Try running Combofix (I've seen it fix oodles of stuff on mine and others pc's)

3. You might have gotten rid of the baddie but its infected your system restore which means you could keep getting re-infected unless you flush your restore points. (if you run combofix.. I think it does this for you) where did superantispyware say it was deleting the virus from?

4. If your familiar with Hijack this.. run it and see if you notice anything odd. If your not familiar with it.. they have a forum here dedicated to spyware, run it and let them give it a good look.

There is usually more then 1 program needed to completely fix all issues.. I am NO expert but have seen dozens of infected computers that need several steps till they were clean and clear.. Hope this helps!


Sometimes it takes more than 1 antivirus program to do the trick.
Find the ones you like (AVG, Avast, etc.) and give those a try as well.
Good luck!

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