Hello - we are running Exchange 2003, and Windows server 2003 on our Exchange server, and Outlook 2003 for all of our e-mail clients. Anyone who goes into Outlook to schedule a new meeting is unable to see the calendar of the person they are scheduling to attend; the entire line next to their name (under the "scheduling" tab) is coming up as a white background with black diagonal lines. According to the color codes at the bottom of the screen, this indicates that no information is available. However, if the calendar for the person is viewed by selecting "calendar" from the main Outlook screen and then selecting "show shared calendar", the calendar appears just fine.
Any ideas? Please help; I have a lot of frustrated people. :sad:
Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

Im having the same problems past April 1, 2006. Everything before 4/1/06 is ok... After 4/1, i have the issue you are having... Did you ever find a fix????
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I'm having the same problem now only I'm trying to view a conference room. I did have the problem with viewing the schedule for a person but I did a run command "outlook.exe /resetfolders" and the users problem was fixed. How do I refresh the schedule for a conference room controled by exchange 2003. BTW... I know of the refresh option inside the scheduling page but it didn't work.

I am having same problems, some users when arranging meeting are unable to see the schedule, its coming up with a shaded bar, but when calendar is opened on its own the scheduling can be seen.

Can any one help?