I have just found a new drive in "My computer" but nowhere else (It is not shown under "Disk management").
In properties I get "Local Disk "Q", File system RAW, with 0 Bytes, all blue = all space used. What ever I try to do in "My computer" gives me the message "Q is not accessible. Access is denied." "You do not have sufficient rights..." (I am logged in as administrator) I started in safe mode but there is no reference to the drive. I tried to convert it to NTFS with the command "Convert Q: /fs:ntfs" in CMD but I get the message "Invalid drive specification"
The only changes I have made to my PC is a defrag, I started, but not completed, a Ubuntu download and the killer, I formatted the drive with my backups as Windows 7 had used most of it. Now I do not have my backup copy of XP, I was going to do a new backup when I found this situation.
My last drive letter was "F" therefore a logical letter would have been "G" and not "Q".
C = Windows 7, D = XP Pro, E = DVD, F = Backup drive.

XP Pro Ver 2002 SP3 (up-to-date) AMD Athlon 64 Processor, 3200+ 2.01GHz 1.37BG of RAM AVG internet security (up-to-date) Malwarebytes, Spybot S&D

I am lost for ideas, hope someone can assist.


did you try using windows Virtualization feature lately

lol No i have not and if I understand the site correctly it is for using a virtual XP in Vista, I don't use Vista.

Edit of my post...I have found many references to Raw disk Q on Google but none apply to my situation.

unrelated im sure but here is a link to keep you occupied ,or baffled like me !

Same thing...

I am using Windows 7 now and there is no reference to drive Q here? I will post my situation on the Microsoft site and see what I get from them! With all the places that you can see a drive the only place that Q is shown is in "My Computer" and only in normal mode, not safe mode.

Hi all,
I have no idea what caused it and now I have no idea where it went. I have changed nothing since it was last seen in "My Computer" but today it has vanished. What ever I didn't do to cause it, I must have not undone it to cause it to vanish. I don't even understand that...

weird windows days !
installing some burning software that creates a virtual cd drive can cause it ,,like alcohol 120% ,but one would think that that would be in the cdrom section

It makes no difference how much you know about windows, it turns around and proves that you don't know it all. Something that will have the same result 500 times will just start to do something else for no apparent reason.