I have a major problem that I think may be a power or heat problem, but I want opinions. I have an AMD Athlon XP 2400+ self made rig, with 2 hd, a dvd rom, and cd burner. I have 512 mem, an old 2003 FIC AI11 motherboard.

Here's the problem. Up to now I can't load any software back on to my computer after a fresh install of windows. Everytime I try, the computer boldly shuts off. It doesn't restart either. I have to manually start it up. I have cleaned all the fans and inside case with compressed air. It's sparkling. My temps seem to be a little high. CPU is 60 C. Any opinions? I've noticed this is going around a lot.

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add new thermal paste to the cpu maybe.how long since you built machine

About 3 years ago. I checked for the paste, cleaned the processor, and add new paste. Same thing going on. I'm leaning toward power.

have you tried moving the cdrom to another ide channel,have you tried another cdrom

yes, but to no avail

yes, but to no avail

maybe ram malfunction ,if you have 2 sticks ,try it with only one ,or try ram test . www.memtest86.com

So far i have tried ram, which one stick seems to be faulty, so it is out. I then took off the dvd rom and left the cd burner on, now i can run cds, but if it's a large transfer it will still turn off on spin up. I still think it's several thing going bad at once. I even seen the video card cause a crazy screen display like a benchmark test once the ram was taken out. A Radeon 9200 i think.

i have taken the board completely out and set it on a bench, so i can see what's going on, if that matters. :)

your cpu is on the fritz, get a new one, the old one overheats, PS can u configure cpu heat signature in the bios, try that too

I went out and purchased a new 500 W power supply and everything seems to be working out so far. I'm still concerned about the overheating cpu. Might need to try a new fan.

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