There is a file on my desktop of size 0 bytes.

When I try to delete it, it says "Could not find this item"

What is the problem? This is really irritating me. Any help would be highly appreciated

Create a bat file and try it. Ask /? in the cmd.exe if u need the commands u need to include in the bat file

Try deleting it from the cmd....go to the desktop and del <filename>.Should work

I did try that. In the directory listing (dir /x), it shows the filename (again size 0) but when i do del <filename> it says "Could not find the file"

I did reboot. The file still shows.

Well I have found a temporary work around for this. Since it was on the desktop, I created a new user and that desktop icon is gone.

We need to get our hands on such a piece of software that will permanently erase all that rubbish on our computer without leaving any trace of it - allowing us to work in a much less cluttered environment and generally free up some extra, much needed space on our hard-drive.

A fantastic program to go about this monumental task is the much-respected Eraser from Heidi.ie. The current release for Windows Vista is v5.83 Beta and it certainly does the trick.

May be the file's attribute is changed to a system file attribute. Try resetting the attribute using

attrib -s [path and filename]

Then try deleting the file.

The file attribute field has the value 'A'

I have a fix for this.

I was converting youtube vids to flv and the program i used would make the flv file plus create (the problem file) a "flv." file.
EX: video name avenged sevenfold - bat country
File1: Avenged Sevenfold - Bat Country.flv
File2: Avenged Sevenfold - Bat Country.flv.

the normal .flv file would delte just fine. File2 on the other hand would not budge. I kept getting the "cannot find file." crap

You can't CMD it outta there. Well, you might but i was not in the mood for doing that. I tried force deleting programs would would just crash or give errors when trying to delte File2.

Finally, to the fix. If you read the error its actually trying to give you subtle hints like a middle school girlfriend. It can't find the file so make one. All i did was create a .txt document and renamed it from Untitled.txt to Avenged Sevenfold - Bat Country.flv. (file2) Poof twinkle I made the file and it vanished but that original pain in the ass was still there. i clicked delete on it and it went through :) No more stubborn icons on my desktop.