An earlier thread asked for an answer on this one, but got an unrelated response. Here is the question, pure and simple:

I have a Windows XP operating system. The system was attacked by a ransomware program, and had to be restored. In the process of using a program called PC Angel, on two occasions, files called My Backup followed by dates were created.

One is from September, the other created yesterday. The one from September is soaking my hard drive for a full 11 GB, and needs to go. Attempts at removing it result in stoppage on behalf of an amd file, with the words ACCESS DENIED.

All I want to do is remove this file 11GB long, but attempts at something as simple as dragging it to Recycle are disabled. How do I get rid of this one file? I will keep the remaining November based My Backup, and I have Carbonite as well, so I do not need it. Any help will be gratefully appreciated!

hi ,really good questions,as for Carbonite ,i search shows me it cost 50$ a year to back up data on line ,so you should deal with them on that ,and maybe somewhere in the myangel program it will give you options to delete the older backup

searh google for file deling help