Browsed these forums often and now I have a post of my own. Let me start off with the specs of my machine.

Compaq Presario V2000
Turion 64 ML-34 1.8ghz
895mb RAM
Radeon Xpress 200M
80gb harddrive

WEll my problem started a week ago when my computer started taking forever booting up windows xp pro. Well my solution was a fresh install of windows so I reformated the drive and reinstalled windows. AFter installing I updated all drivers and software. Well when browsing in firefox sometimes it just stops loading a page, the screen turns black and the harddrive and optical drive stops running BUT the lights and such stay on, almost seems as if it went into sleep mode but the lights remain on. I have no idea why it does this and I am so happy it didn't happen while i typed this :)

Hi Tamushrek,

Is it just Firefox that it crashes with?

If not, sounds like it could be your processor overheating.

I'd check the processor fan is running when your computer is on.

Chris Fry

I was thinking overheating is the culprit as well because my laptop has been getting VERY warm lately even with the cooling fan going (it is always running). I have it under warranty (includes acciental) so I may just send it in soon.

If its under warranty, I'd talk to HP about it.

Chris Fry