Hi All:

First, I appreciate all advice you can give me beforehand.

How can I fix my averatec 3200 computer to display ALL internet pages i visit? It is brand new, has Win XP home ed, windows firewall is on, uses a yahoo/sbc dsl connection and its active firewall, & connects to the internet wireless. I can see most pages, but I cannot log onto Hotmail account, or sometimes newpaper articles: it tells me "the webpage contains no data" or i get "session timed out".

Any ideas what might be wrong are greatly appreciated. I am not a computer guru and am not sure how to use WinSockFix so I don't mess up my computer--do i need any back up before running it?


:p :cool: :cool: Hi All:

I solved my problem. FOr anybody having probs opening some pages in Win XP, try downloading DRTCP021 (just google it to find it). It wasn't the firewall, but this driver solved all my probs.

Thanks anyhow.