i need your kind help to solve this problem when i open my messanger it comes :
try installing windows live programs again programs were not installed because the installations was canceled aborted 0x80004004

thx and best regards

Oh ,that is abig problem ,how many times did you try to reinstall the live programs

Download Ccleaner, run it and fix your errors.
Note:- Back up the registry before you run Ccleaner, Here is how...
Create a restore point as well before you run Ccleaner...

Try this-
To fix 0x80040004 error
Start in Windows safe mode.-
delete Windows live folder and the temp folder in your accounts
appdata or application data folder .
Restart in normal mode and reinstall .


To fix 0x80040004 error.

0X80004004 not 0X80040004

Hi Bob,

Thanks for pointing out my error.
I reckon I need new glasses.

No problems, I have glasses and they don't help much as I am partially dyslexic as well as half blind (exaggeration), thats why I copy and paste whenever possible. The only way I could pick the problem with the error code number was by the directions you gave. You will find plenty of errors with my posts if you look.

wouldn't worry about it guys poster will likely not be back ,
post lacks info something like "i tried to re- install it about 6 time now and still the same message "
just another dead end post in my opinion