Recently I've had a intermittent problem starting up, once in a while when I turn on the computer all I get is a blank screen, the PSU and CPU fans are running so I know it's powering up, but if I try to reboot it nothing happens. I usually wind up having to unplug the computer to turn it off, and after pluging it back in it works fine. Can someone please tell me what is going on, is this an indication of failure in the works?


I would try the computer on a second monitor. It is possible that the first monitor might be losing the detection / sync signal that yanks it out of sleep mode.

It is also possible that your BIOS has put the computer in a very deep sleep. You may want to check your computer BIOS, and disable all BIOS forms of power management and the like, and let Windows manage all of the power options.


Hey kcOraf...thanks for the response. There is one thing that still makes me wonder if I have something else happennig, when this occurs and I try to do a warm boot the LEDs stay on, and the fans continue to run, it doesn't turn off. I have to unplug the computer to turn it off.

I don't mind checking out the BIOS, but what specifically am I looking for, and how do I do it?

Please allow me to correct myself, the LEDs on the exterior are supposed to stay on in a warm boot, the salient point is that pushing the power button had no effect. :rolleyes:

I am having exactly the SAME PROBLEM with my laptop!!! So lucky to finally find someone on the same boat!! My problem is getting worse though. At first I only need to wait for 15 minutes for it to work back on, but now it may sometimes take a day or two! It is so unpredictable now that I keep it running all the time without shutting down. If you got any ideas on how to fix it, please send me a message too! Thanks a lot!

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