Hi All,

This is the issue facing me..Machine specs
1) OS Win2003 Server
2) HD1 ==C drive, D drive (150GB Each).

I need to increase the size of D drive for the software i am running, so i ghosted the entire HD1(300gb) onto a slave drive(HD2).then replaced the Original master with a 500Gb, set jumper to Master and tried to create the image back, That works, However machine will not start, reason for that i think is when i booted back in using the cd i noticed that the slave drive(HD2) had one of its drive`s marked as C and D..though after the restoration of the image the C drive did get restored and so did the D..under a different letter of G...I tried changing this using diskpart but it wont let me do that...any one have any help on how to remedy this situation..?

What is missing is the boot sector. You need your original Windows disk to make your new hard drive bootable. The boot sector is not a file that can normally be copied, since it is different for each partitioning.


i tried to do a repair from a windows disk and it started off with the installation part and i was told it would be done in 39 minutes when i chose to exit......as i dint want a clean install of 2003, Do u think i should let that repair that looked like a clean install complete..if so i shall give that a shot ...

did you try the "fixmbr" command at the repair prompt.