I am new on here and have looked and tried some other soloutions that have been posted in the site and none have worked for me.

Firstly I am using Microsoft XP professional SP3 and my wireless usb adapter is netgear WG111v2.

The problem is that in the bottom right corner the wireless icon says that i am connected with excellent strength ect. however when i try to browse the web the webpages say unable to display, this happens in firefox, i.e, google chrome and opera also i cannot use windows live messenger or any other software that requires internet acsess. I have tried winsock fix, dns flush and Reset TCP/IP stack. Also when i click view available wireless networks it say there is jnone in range make sure the wireless switch is turned on then refresh, but it still says that i am still connected to my router.

My Laptop doesn't have this problem nor does my mac

Thanks for any help in advance

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I think we are here for the same reasons. and I am new too. very nice to know you.

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