i burned a cd through windows media player and the cd is only able to play on my computer, i cant play it in my car, cd player, or my xbox 360... only my computer plays the cd...

is there anything im missing or need to know so i can make it right?

im using maxell CD-R with 700 mb. ive done this before on windows xp and it works but not when i use vista.

should i download Nero or Record Now or something?

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When burning discs, you should relay always burn then at a slower speed. 8x or 16x should be enough.

2 reasons for this:

  1. Older CD/DVD players cannot read disks burned over 24x speed. Always burn on a lower speed
  2. Make sure that you finalize the disk after burning

Other things to check...

Try a different brand of media. Try using Nero and see if that works.

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