Hi Everyone I could really use some help. My isp is earthlink and i have used them for 2 years with a dialup connection. A week ago my system was really lagging badly on the internet and when i looked at my connection speed to earthlink (my isp) i saw that i was connected at 19.2 kbps. I have always connected in the past at 46.8 kbps or 49.2 kbps. I went to my modem manufacturers website and installed the latest drivers then i replaced the phone line connecting me to the phone jack (about 6 feet). Still only connecting at 19.2 kbps i went to earthlinks tech support and after trying 3 different initialization strings which we added to my modem properties i was still only connecting at 19.2 kbps.Earthlink has only one access number in my area code so i couldnt try a different isp access number either. I did a line test to see if i was having line problems but that too was ok. Which brings me to today. When i logged onto my isp this morning i was only connecting at 16.8 kbps and is now continuing to connect at only 16.8 kbps. I have used some utility tools and they all determined that my modem is working properly with no conflicts. ANY HELP WOULD BE GREAT!!!!!

Win 2k pro
Amd Athlon thunderbird
80 g maxtor hd
256 sdram
Agere Win 56k modem

Thanks Anyone for your suggestions and im sorry this was so long winded

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