I have 4 PCs (all XP) and1 laptop (Vista 32 Business) on one LAN. I installed an USB/eSATA 1TB external hard drive to one of the XP desktops. The external HD has one partition (Happens to be the L: drive) and is formatted as NTFS. All the PCs/laptop can see and access the drive. From the attaching PC, I created multiple folders bearing the name of the computer (more for easy identification).

The goal is use Norton 360 on each PC/laptop and run a backup to the respective folder on the L: drive. I can see the 5 folders from each PC/laptop but Norton 360 does not. All it sees is the one partition - the L: drive.

I hooked up wioth Norton support and their solution was to carve up the L: drive into multiple partitions. :@ I haven't used Norton 360 (version 3) before and can't believe that it cannot see folders on a drive that it can access. Fixed partitions are NOT desirable ebcause having to expand one partition means extensive painful admin work on touching other partitions - let alone getting the backup failure...

Has anybody tried this with Norton 360 V3? If not, what other quality - and reasonably priced - backup software? (remember - will need to go on 5 Windows systems!)


Personally, don't use "Norton" anything, never have, never will.

A good respectable back-up program is "Acronis True Image"
If you use Maxtor/Seagate drives it's free from the manufacturers website or on the disc that came with the drive.
Other good back-up software, free or paid can be found here;