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My Recycle bin keeps on popping up while im using the internet and then becomes a nusence by keep flashing i think it might be a virus or something. Any Help????

When did it start?

Do you have anti-virus software installed?

Have you tried installing and running spybot search & destroy or malware bytes?

If the change was recent, try reloading from a recent system restore point where the problem does not exist.

Hi and welcome to Daniweb,
The best anti-virus program will not get all viruses, try the suggestions above but if you still have problems go to this site here:-
Read about deleting viruses and checking your PC including virus checkers you can load from a boot-up.
If you follow all the suggestions here, even if it has not fixed your PC, you will at least know that it is not a virus or malware that is causing the problem.

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