Before getting into another wrestling match pitting logic against a Windows operating system I have for the very first time decided to try the "presence of mind" avenue and seek guidance. After giving XP Pro a fair amount of time to see how well the improvements enriched my over all computer expierence I have opted to declare 98 second edition my choice for a Windows OS. I would think that the easiest way to go about this and not have any FAT nightmares would be to reformat the drive and load the other OS. My concern if there need be one is still being able to use all my Dell software. Or should I even bother with it. I reformatted a Compaq without returning any of the original software to it and just loaded Windows. It worked but it never seemed quite right. I have a GB of memory so I'm not too worried about resorce problems, more compatibilty and performance issues. :o If anyone has any input on the path of least resistance I would be forever in your debt.
Peace n' Luv Smilin' B. Cookie :lol:

If Windows XP was an 'Upgrade' install over an existing Windows 98, then you might be better to try a fresh, clean install of it first. Upgrade installs are the devil, and never work fully efficiently.

Windows XP on an NTFS partition is the best OS to use.

That said, if XP has used NTFS then you may need to delete the partition, and create a new one, using FDisk. then install.

Best way to install is probably from your Recovery CD, or whatever you get with that Dell. If you do a 'Clean' install, you need to ensure you load all the device drivers as well.