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I have spent a little time on Technet, and will be spending more. But I wanted to ask if anyone knew of a website that had "summaries" of steps required to config (or checklists for config) of server 2008 (or server 2003 for that matter).

What I mean is, if I go to technet, I end up paging through several web pages b/c they all cover different versions of different types of server 2008, and or with or without certain hardware configs... etc.

so you end up reading a LOT.

IF I have a server 2008r2 and downloaded their trial exchange 2010.

Does some Admin out there know the "recipe" for the basics required like I know I need to download install / activate Ifilter

and there are certain scripts they give you on technet to run if you are configging exchange as this or THAT type of mailserver.

but are there more straightforward lists with the "to-do's" of basic configs of win2008 server? or,

if an admin "out there" just knows what I'm asking can he just LIST what I must install/activate/or config?

I just want a standard install of exchange (interpret how you wish)
I just have 2008 r2 and I want to install exchange...
just want to get it "operating" in some form. if anyone can give me a short list of what MUST be configged on the server

a simple list of steps... I'd Love to hear it/get it from you.

especially just to check against and see if I'm on the right track, and that I don't forget or miss anything important.

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