I deleted IE from my system by usign the add/remove hardware from my control panel, in doing so I have messed up a few things. I cannot reinstall IE now because when I do so I get an error message saying that a previous installation is in progress and requires start up to complete, well when I do restart nothign happens at all, no prompts on finishing a installation of any kind. Well to get back on the net I uploaded a system called offbyone to download firefox, firefox and netscape are working fine. But I really enjoyed the way MYIE allows me to browse the net, well with that issue out there, I hope that someoen can help me out, because in all this I can no longer go to system restore I click on system restore and it opens a blank window. Thanks for all your help

krasont, sometimes starting over fresh is the best thing to do.

You have multiple problems on your system, and it's possibly riddled with nasty intruders as well. I suspect the best thing to do is use your Windows CD (or recovery CD if that applies) wipe your hard drive clean and start over fresh again.

Alternatively, you could visit our Viruses and Nasties section and try to get some help with cleaning up the mess.

Greedy Microsoft so intertwined IE into the Windows operating system that removing it causes many parts to fail.

The real problem is that most install programs (except Windows Install) require IE to already be installed to work.

Problem solved all this time thought it was all the deleting I did of IE I was finally able to system restore by deleting files that I was no longer using and when I did this the problem was still there, but I deleted POP up nuker from my system manually and then everthing is running fine, it was all because of pop up nuker

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