Hi folks, hope someone can help me with a very strange problem I've been having for some time now...

Windows XP on this PC "freezes" at random. The weird thing is, when the computer "freezes" the behaviour is very strange:

- any application that is open at the time keeps working perfect, until it is closed;

- I can't open any new applications - I click to open, the hourglass appears, then disapears but the application isn't started;

- the windows task manager will not open if I press CTRL-ALT-DEL;

- If I keep clicking to open an application - any application - after a while it opens "dozens of times" all at once - as if it "unfroze" - after which some times it keeps working fine for a few more minutes, but always goes back to "freeze mode" eventually;

- The computer works fine again after RESET;

- Sometimes this doesn't happen for days in a row with the PC always on, other times I have to keep resetting it b/c it keeps freezing; Applications running at the time are random. PC has up-to-date anti-virused (BitDefender) and scans clean.

Any ideas?

dust/dirt,burned out fan , .excess heat ,have you cleaned out your computers fans lately

Try defragmenting the drive.

I have the same problem of Windows freezing. It seems to be about 20 to 30 minutes each time and then nothing will work. Only control-alt-delete and shutdown will allow me to reboot.

My heat is good, since I recently opened the case and cleaned it out with compressed air. I also recently defragged my drives. I'm looking around and will post here is I can find the answer to the problem.


The best thing i can tell you to do is put your files on a cd or floppy, and perform a system recovery. the quick format option.


This will wipe your pc and make it like a brand new one, it del's all your files and setting and you will need to reinstall every programe again.



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