My Pc has just started acting wierd it wont let me load up windows, it comes up with the screen, Start windows normally safe mode ect.
when i click on anyone of the opitions it restarts my pc and just brings that screen back up again.
plz plz plz help its driving me mad!!!

i tried putting my hard drive in my bros pc. but it wont let me access al my music and photos ect, its say access denied?

could anybody help me get my music and photos back or sort my pc please?


You have two options:
1. you can run a windows repair from your Operating System disk, booting from the disk. This wont remove your data nor would you need System drivers.


You can slave your drive back in your bro's pc and change the security settings to get full rights, I think you have to be logged in as the admin to do so. But note your bro's PC must be XP professional.

Let me know if you need some detailed advice and I'll direct as to how to fix this easy fix.

option two can be modified to allow you full access to that drive.

Does it display an error message on the black screen? (If so please post it).