Hi guys,
am dual booting Windows XP and Linux Suse, but now i want uninstall linux coz am having space crisis. The only problem is that Linux is managing my Boot, i tried to uninstall it once but my computer couldn't boot, it was serious until i re-installed the linux.

How can i set linux not to manage the boot egent and maybe just delete the partition on which it is from my XP? is that possible, or am i stuck? :(

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I'm sure there's an easier way of doing this, but since no one else has posted yet I'll share (probably a complicated way of doing it).

Clone the XP partition using CloneZilla then format the hard drive as NTFS, then push the cloned XP partition onto the hard drive. Of course you'll need an external drive (or large thumb drive) to clone the partition to.

You might want to backup your important files onto a different hard drive first.


Wow, now that doesn't sound easy! i don't even think i understand what you mean. but let me try it over... and see


If you do actually try doing this I'm sure you'll have some questions. Feel free to ask.

Question No. 1: How do i Format the hard drive when it's the one am using? and how do i format it as NTFS?

NB: other questions coming...


You can burn a live boot disc like UBCD (Ultimate Boot CD) or Hiren's Boot Disc. There are several different hard disc tools on them. If you're familiar with linux (sounds like you are little familiar) then you can boot a live Ubuntu (or other) CD and use the hard disc tool(s) provided. Alternatively your manufacturer may have a bootable tool you can use to format the drive.

Really the big question here is -- is your current Windows installation worth the hassle of going through the steps to fix it? It may just be easier to backup your important files and install Windows from scratch.

Also -- like I said I'm sure there's a much easier way to restore the default Windows boot selection menu, I just don't know how.


OK man, thanks a lot for the help!
I've already made my UBCD but am not sure i know how to use it at full capacity! I just know basics. Is there a way you could like explain to me how to go about that and maybe i will make it?
I tried like to re-install windows but it can't even detect the partition where Linux is installed, so that's when i decided to re-install Linux.


I just wish there was a way i could delete the partition on which linux is installed and but since it's managing the boot agent, i can't!
Is there a way i can make windows to manage the boot agent??

So what are you wanting to do? Have you decided?


You could just leave your /boot partition alone and delete the rest of the linux partitions and edit your grub config so that it boots to XP on first try.


You could just leave your /boot partition alone and delete the rest of the Linux partitions and edit your grub config so that it boots to XP on first try.

That sounds good.
Now how can i edit the grub settings, coz after Deleting the Linux partition Grub> appears (and i don't know "that" much about Linux).


Hey, i ended up formatting my hard drive. but good enough i had backed up all my data! Thanks for everything man.

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