Hello, recently my computer has been hanging more often than ever. Also I seem to be having trouble loading certain net pages. When I checked the events log I noticed that my fax service has been activated quite a number of times in the last month. Luckily I don't have a phone cord attached. Why would this be happening? Is there a way I can send my event logs here? The other thing I noticed (I'm no computer expert though) is that there are event logs for times when my computer has been turned off. Could this be a dialer? And what firewall/anti-virus programs do people most recommend around here?

It definitely sounds like the symptoms of virus/malware infection. Read through the info in the link that Catweazle posted and try the detection/removal programs mentioned there.

If you find something that you can't remove or simply have questions about the removal procedures, start a new thread in our Security forum and we'll take it from there.