I'm trying to fix an ASUS M2N-MX SE Plus AMD2 Socket Board with a AMD Athlon 5200+ CPU. I have reloaded Windows XP Pro Service pack3 which runs all fine until I put a disk in the DVD Burner. (LG Super Multi) on a IDE cable. Orginally I set the IDE Hard drive to master and the Rom to slave. After the first few crashes I rest them both to Cable select but no change. Updated the Bios from ASUSTEK but their update version was older. This BIOS VERSION: American Trends, 0406, 1/26/2008. Windows event veiwer tells me I had an apllication hang error. By crashes I mean the graphics scramble generally in a diagonal pattern. The onboard graphics are NVIDEA GFORCE 6150SE Nforce 430. 512m. I tried a PCIE card with the same results. I also loaded the windows on a SATA HDD. Same results. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated please.;)

did you try a different cd/dvd drive

Yes I bought a new DVD Burner. No difference. I removed, cleaned and reseated the CPU and replaced the Thermo Transfer Paste. I also added a 140mm fan to the front of the case incase cooling was the issue. And for good measure an 80mm fan to the rear. I also changed the 450w power supply for a 585 watt job but still no change. In the extreme I installed a PCI card with SATA x 2 and IDE x1 to run the rom on. Still no luck.

only thing i can think is to try a sata rom

I don't know AMD architecture much, but the common point here is the northbridge... AMD have integrated both south and north functions [6100 and 430 chipsets] into the one chip.
The 6100 is graphics and PCI-E, the 430 handles media interfaces, PCI. Transfers with cd/dvd drives are not very bandwidth intensive cf a hdd, but the little bit of extra activity may be overheating the chip. Unclip its heatsink, check the paste [it may be that hard setting stuff, and that is just fine right up until the heatsink gets disturbed by a knock] - put some good non-setting paste on.
If the contact is poor no amount of blowing will cool the chip itself. And the stock heatsink is almost not there.

Hi there. I took out the CPU, Cleaned the socket, took the fan off the heatsink and cleaned all that and replace the thermo paste and reseated the cpu. It appears to be working fine now.
Thanks Guys.

Cool. Check that northbridge heatsink too.
There are lots of softwares out there that monitor mb and cpu core temps. Worth having one, i reckon. I decided to use one after the mongrel Intel clip system on the cpu cooler unhitched itself. i noticed one day while checking logs that the cpu temp had been a little high sometimes. It had been to 105degC!!! while using Photoshop. Check was prompted by the shrieking fan. New paste, carefully reclipping the heatsink worked fine. I know, cos I run CoreTemp all the time now.
And my CPU survived those excursions. I stress- checked it with Sandra. At least you build good cpus, Intel.

My own PC is a AMD Phenom 9950 Quad Core 2.6g
4 gb Ram
32 bit windows 7 ultimate (was 64 bit but it wouldn't run my laser printer) with ATI Radeon HD 4650 video card. I haven't had any trouble with this one but I have burnt out 2 Intel chips before I changed to AMD.
Oh and I put a heatsink on the north bridge. Bigger heatsink I should say as it seemed a bit warm.
Thanks for all the input.